Total Over Betting Strategy

Hello, friends. In this post I’ll talk about Total Over Betting Strategy. All you need to do with it – follow global trend in football. Average performance is growing in major leagues. That’s why average total score is growing too.

Total Over Betting Strategy – My Result

I’ve checked out how this works on practice. I was betting on total over (2) and (2.5). Some matches were cancelled, overall results you can see on the screenshot below – 2 loses, 1 returned, 17 winnings. Overall ROI is (331.5 USD * 100%) / 200 USD = 165.75%

Total Over Betting Strategy Results - ROI +165%


This statistics is not representative. But if you’ll check Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1 results in different seasons you’ll see that av. total score is growing. Here is statistics for Serie A (example):

Average Total Score in one match Serie A per seasons

How to improve this strategy

You can change your stake depending on your results. Let’s assume that your regular stake is 0,5% per game (2000 USD bank and 10 USD stake). Matchday 1 ends with 20 USD loss. You can add 20 USD / 10 = 2 USD to your stake to compensate day 1 lose.

Why this is acceptable? Because you have a reason to think, that on a long distance you’ll have success – global trend works on you. That’s why if you don’t go crazy with your bankroll management (use Martingale or other brain-dead tactics) you should get good result.

Pros & Cons of Total Over Betting Strategy

Main advantages:

  • A lot of games. You don’t need any special conditions (for ex. if you try to follow local trends, or use news based bets). That’s why, you can make bets on every match from major leagues
  • Most of the time, your bets will win. You’ll be less stressed than if you’ll follow bet against line strategy
  • Major leagues. You can make bets with strategies at any bookmaker, that accept bets on football
  • Agile bankroll management. You can combine any bankroll management tactics, because you can make bets on daily basis and your stake can vary from 0,1% to 10% (depending on your preferences)


  • Most popular football matches in the world. That’s why a loot of bookies include maximum margin in odds of those events

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