Tennis Betting Strategy (2-0 / 0-2)

Hello, friends. I want to talk about tennis 2-0 (and 0-2) betting strategy. This method is very simple (you shouldn’t do hard analysis, or spend a lot of time to select specific matches). Basically, we will increase odds by betting not on Player 1 or Player 2, but on correct score 2-0 / 0-2.

My Results

Ok, I’ve opened all tennis matches with odds on favorite between 1.1 and 1.5 and made a bet on 2-0 / 0-2. Result wasn’t so great -42.4USD.

Actually, I was making bets in 2 periods of time. First of them was with negative ROI and ROI of the second one was close to zero.

Can We Improve This Tennis Betting Strategy?

I don’t know. If I had exclude all games with odds below 1.3 It would save 21.7 USD. So I wouldn’t see any profit. Maybe in a longer distance it will become profitable, but I’ve doubts.

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