Fixed matches in 2021โ€” All you need to know

Hi, friends. Let’s talk about fixed matches. In my opinion, any person/site/group of people, that offers you fixed matches is 100% scam. Why do I think so? 

First. Any person in professional sport has a good salary. Fixed matches are reputational and professional risks, it means that reward for this action should be decent enough to do that. How big it should be? I don’t know, but at least equal to one-year income. 

Second. How many persons should be involved (paid, or motivated in another way), to get fixed results? In my opinion, we are speaking about both teams and all the players. So, we should multiply the estimated sum on a number of involved players + coaches (?). Ok, estimated sum at least $$$ $$$. And after all those peoples should keep secret.

Average annual player salary in the English Premier League (in mln US dollars)

Third. In what type of world you’ll sell this dangerous, expensive and hard to get information? Why you don’t borrow all the money that you can get and bet it by yourself, family, friend and in all available bookmakers (to reduce risks) at the same time? OK, if you’re going to sell it, why you will sell it for less than $ $$$? 

Fourth. OK, let’s assume that fixed matches are real. Why you don’t contact to one of bookmakers, proof the concept and take regular charges.

All of this theory, but let’s go to practice and analyze some of these fixed matches sellers. Their sites look suspicious. These blinking banners like a test on epilepsy. 

OK, what’s about the price? Most of these sites are asking from 15 to 50 USD for 1 day. So, even with 1000 clients a day it will be 5000 USD or less. And in what world that sum would be enough to motivate one or both teams.

Conclusions. All these sellers look suspicious, all these sites look creepy, price policy is very strange. If you want to spend money – choose a charity and donate them, it will be better than give your money to scammers. There are no 100% insurance in betting. Because in any other universe bookmakers will be out of business. If you want to improve your chances – check out our free betting tips today (they are not 100% correct but overall ROI is positive).

Do you believe in fixed matches? Write your opinion in the comments below.

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